Who Says You Can't Make Money Every Month in Your Business & Have Predictable Income?
Recurring Clients and Monthly Income Is NOT Just a Dream
  •  Travel as much as you want... while your business continues working for you
  •  Spend more time with your family because you own a business... not a job
  •  STOP the emotional rollercoaster of starting every month at $0
From: Monique Alvarez
RE: Make more money in less time

Dear Entrepreneurs,

If you want make more money in your business, start every month with income, or even if you just want to feel stable in your business, then this is the most important letter you'll read all year!

Here's why...
Being in business isn't enough. A business must also give you the lifestyle you desire!
"I've taken my business to Mexico!"
“Thanks Monique Alvarez for for your amazing 7 Days to Income Stability program. WOW!!! 

I’m moving to a new country and giving up my adventure business in the US. and I was thinking an on-line business was my direction for my new digs. 

From the first day of her program, I started questioning what, why, and how. Her step by step process, as well as the input from Elizabeth Caraballo led me back to my true passion, which is supporting people in being the best they can be, but not as much on line, as in action and in person. 

So I realized my on-line business was actually ideal for supporting my adventure business in my new location by doing quarterly retreats. 

Now I’m brainstorming, planning, and excitedly anticipating my new adventure which feels so much like coming home to who I am and what I have to offer. 

So totally thrilled with the gift you gave me – my true self!!!”
Judith Moore
Here's how and why we can make you this promise...
My name is Monique Alvarez and I'm an expert at generating repeat business

I've run a successful business for nine years, working with over 500 clients in 24 countries... My clients invest in my products and/or services an average of 12 times.

This book is going to give you everything you need to never start the month on zero again. I have generated recurring income every month for nine years without fail... 

Even when I had two babies just 12 months apart I had money coming in from clients.
I don't have a fancy degree. 
I don't have a fancy title. 
I am from a small town in the middle of nowhere, USA.

I have two toddlers, with another one on the way...
If I can do it, so can you!
Here are more testimonials from people just like you and me who got results.... 
“Before I took the 7 day Course, I was literally plugging along with what I thought was a good idea to get me into my ‘third act’ or semi-retirement. I knew to complete my dream of a laptop lifestyle – one where I can make money no matter where I am – I needed Monique Alvarez and Elizabeth Caraballo to help me. Wow, “be careful what you pray for,” as they say. I now have clarity and focus on the specifics of finishing and marketing not only my book, but an online writing class/webinar directly related to my book and the art of telling stories of inspiring people.

I especially marveled at the expertise and training Monique gave on all the ingredients in my website (landing page, sales page, my about page, and collecting emails). Even though I thought I knew plenty about marketing, I learned so much more!

Lastly, I appreciated the spice from Elizabeth Caraballo and her card readings and spot on comments. She added the perfect spiritual touch to an otherwise cerebral workout.”

~Susan Womer Smith
“I’d just left my corporate marketing career to focus on building my online business and moving my family abroad. 

I wasn’t sure where to begin and needed to create momentum. I connected with Monique after reading her book, “Success Redefined: Travel, Motherhood, & Being the Boss.”

The combination of business instruction, spiritual guidance and focused daily action items condensed into the seven-day format have jump-started my journey. 

The course helped me gain much-needed confidence and clarity on my renewed identity as a business woman, the direction I want my work to take and how my work can also enrich my life. 

There’s no such thing as “too soon” to take a course like this—it’s exactly what you need to move forward in the right direction.”

~Kate Franco
“I’m an attorney transitioning my law practice online and adding in legacy coaching. 

I’m seeking the freedom to travel with my daughter and live life on my own terms. I’ve been having lots of doubt about the direction my business and my life are going.

Enter the 7 day course. I saw Monique post about it and I instantly knew that I had to sign up. You know, intuition and all!

Since taking all the steps outlined in the course and putting things into action, I’ve set up the pricing for my online legal documents, connected with numerous women that I could collaborate with, am working with one coaching client, and connected with an attorney who will help walk me through getting the right legal software online.

I even told a girlfriend of mine yesterday that the money I spent on the challenge was 1) beyond worth it and 2) the best money I spent in my entire life and would have paid even more!"

~Carmen Rosas
“I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect from the 7-Days to Income Stability course. I just knew that…

1) I wanted to learn from Monique, as I was seeing her do ALL the things I want to be doing in my business (travel, promoting my books, and helping other moms)

2) I’d been stuck for over a year, trying to build the foundation of my business but feeling really scattered and not sure where to start.

What I got was MASSIVE VALUE beyond anything I imagined!

A notebook FULL of valuable insights & processes.

A specific blueprint with action steps so I know EXACTLY what to do when I sit down to my desk each morning = focused and EFFICIENT.

So much clarity & insight from the animal card readings that made perfect sense for me EVERY single time. The readings added a surprising layer of depth to the training and always helped to make sense of how to make our businesses successful in real life, balancing work with personal aspects.

In the less-than-2-weeks since I took the course, I’ve done my first Facebook Live, completed a 5-day e-mail sequence (I’d been struggling with writing this for MONTHS), set up a ‘Consult Session’ scheduler + system to make consistent sales calls, and have an ACTION PLAN for creating more consistency, connection, and cash flow in my business!”

~Leah Borski
“I have been working with Monique for about six months and the progress I’ve made amazes even me. 

During the course I honed in on the business I want, the people I am called to serve, and how I can best serve them. 

I reached out and created amazing connections that have led to two collaborations​ that are in the works, a referral network, and a partnership that will increase the services my business will offer. 

This was made possible by the clarity and confidence I gained from the teachings of Monique and Elizabeth. On top of that, I’ve updated my website, with more changes coming, based on the things I learned and the feedback I received. 

In learning more about how I can better serve my clients, I have created a plan for recurring income that is not reliant on my current 1:1 client model and how to continually generate more opportunities to serve.

It was honestly 7 days that were​ much more intense than I ever expected but the outcomes are so much more than I ever thought I could get.

If you’re on the fence about making the investment, get off and do it. 

The rewards you will reap are worth so much more than the cost the program. If you have never invested in yourself, this is the place to start. Thanks Monique and Liz!”

~Nesha Zackery
80% of entrepreneurs are on an income rollercoaster!
According to Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs will fail within their first 18 months due to a lack of cash flow.
Here's Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You Get...
  •  You'll discover the exact methods I used to get to six figures in your first year in business.
  •  You'll understand exactly what advertising does and doesn't do for your business and how to avoid burning money on Facebook ads.
  •  You'll skip past all the mistakes and obstacles that stop MOST entrepreneurs and get right to implementing the actions that lead to money.
  •  You'll know exactly how to approach your business so it's working for you, not the other way around.
  •  You'll have a TON more confidence having a clear plan and proven strategies that I used to run an international six-figure business.
  •  You'll learn the secret sauce to successful marketing and story-telling that has allowed me to become a contributor to publications like Forbes and International Living.
    "This course is jam-friggin-packed with practical information that cuts right to the chase"
    “Monique’s and Liz’s “7-Days to Income Stability” program was a quick injection of liquid-filled gold! 

    Monique has been my mentor outside of this program so I already knew how great she was. But WHOA! 

    I had to put on my seat-belt for this ride! WOW! 

    This course is jam-friggin-packed with practical information that cuts right to the chase in a no-nonsense kind-of-way!

    Just being able to see the big picture is the relief I needed. 

    Because it’s so quick and intended to be used as a road map, I can refer back to any section as needed over the year. 

    From getting more focused and how to network in today’s environment to becoming more accountable and the MANY strategies used to increase sales, this program exceeded any expectation I ever had! 

    Monique and Liz provide such a complimentary blend together. I laughed, I cried, it was the most expansive 7-days I ever had! 

    Take anything you can get your hands on with these two! If you are someone who is serious about making a change in your business (AND LIFE) and ready to get laser-focused, like the amazing powerhouse woman that you are, then this program is for you!

    Thanks Monique and Liz for the opportunity to reach income stability!”
    KC Cohn
    •  When you know how much money you are starting each month with, your confidence will soar!
    •  When you make more money consistently, the options you have in your life and business are limitless.
    •  See yourself providing for your family and creating a lifetime of memories together!
    Here are the Benefits of Reading "7 Days to Income Stability"…
    •  Gain clarity on how to create products & services that sell.
    •  STOP floundering and take your business to the next level.
    •  Learn the REAL Secret to having a business that makes you money every month.
    •  Dump the problem clients and start attracting the dream clients that you want to work with.
    •  Get off the income rollercoaster and quit starting every month at zero.
    So Here's The Bottom Line With 7 Days To Income Stability...
    •  You get the downloadable ebook that will walk you step-by-step through the process of creating a plan for stable income in your business.
    •  You'll get all the insiders-only instruction on how to pull all the pieces together so you are making recurring income in your business as fast as possible.
    •  You get the exact blueprint you need to succeed!
    •  You get all of this for only $47...
    •  And you have nothing to lose because you can...
    Take A Full 30 Days To Put Us To The Test With Our Iron-Clad, Money-Back Guarantee
    If "7 Days To Income Stability" doesn't show me exactly how to make more money in my business.... if it doesn't show me step-by-step how to start every month with income.... or if it fails to help me create income stability in my business, then I understand that I will receive a full refund, No Questions Asked!!

    As you can see, all the risk is squarely on my shoulders...
    But Let Me Sweeten The Pot For You Even More With This Instant Bonus For Acting Now...
    Order Today and You'll Get a FREE 30 Day Membership to my Mastermind to Success... an Exclusive Group of Female Entrepreneurs & Adventurers!
    Don't miss out, this is a $500 Value!
    Here's How To Order Right Now...
    Go ahead and click the order link now and you'll be on your way to enjoying all the benefits we've talked about here and more! Let's get started right now!
    Secure Order Form - 100% Protected and Safe

    30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    If you are unhappy for absolutely ANY reason at all you will get a full refund within 24 hours...
    A Few More Case Studies...
    “Who knew you could accomplish so much in 7 days! 

    Investing in 7 Days to Income Stability in one of the best investments I’ve made in my business. 

    I’ve achieved so much clarity, direction, and purpose in one week and tools that I can use every day to maximize the time and effort I’m putting into my business for optimum results. 

    I connected with Monique and Liz from the first moment I came across them. I call them my dream team! 

    Monique knows exactly how to cut out all the BS and get right to the core things you should be spending your time on to reach your highest earning potential. 

    Liz brings the perfect balance with her guidance and incredibly insightful input. Every day I felt more motivated, excited, and purposeful in my business while at the same time feeling an incredible peace and joy knowing that I wasn’t just feeding my business but my soul. 

    What I’ve learned during these seven days is something I will never stop benefiting from in my business and life and will be a lighthouse I can turn to when I find myself falling off course.”

    ~Christa Jackson Potter
    “I wanted to open up and share how wonderful the last few months have been working with Elizabeth Caraballo and working with Monique Alvarez!

    I did not grow up in the greatest of families and their mismanagement of finances has affected me to this day. 

    It has caused a huge negative influence in my life of how I see money and it is directly tied to what I think I deserve. 

    I was smart enough and intuitive enough to join Monique’s Mastermind last year and because of it I am in the middle of a life that I never thought I could have or deserved. 

    I took the 7 Day program and that literally just blew the doors off of everything.

    So thank you Monique, and thank you Elizabeth, because of you I wake up everyday so joyful and so grateful and just so happy at where my life is headed and so damn happy where my life is right now. 

    God has always taken care of me and clearly, he loves me so much because he placed two of the most amazing women in my life to guide me and show me exactly what I need to do in order to change the world.”

    ~Elisa Francis
    “I benefited in so many ways from the 7-Days to Income Stability course. 

    Monique and Elizabeth gave me precise, concrete actionable steps to make my business soar. 

    They gave me a plan I can follow without becoming a different person. And I understand the “why” behind everything – big plus for me. 

    On top of thousands of dollars’ worth of do-able steps to take, Elizabeth’s spiritual guidance was so enlightening. Her down-to-earth style helped me see how her insights apply directly to my business and my real whole life. 

    They gave me just what I needed to get my sleeping business up and running again. 

    I saw direct financial benefit within 3 days of finishing the challenge, more than covering the cost of it. 

    And I know that’s just the beginning. It was so helpful that both women gave real life examples of everything they taught us. 

    Do yourself and your business a huge favor and grab this opportunity the next time it is offered.”

    ~Janet Hilts
    “I think when we sign up for any course on either self or business development, what we look for is how to apply what we learn to our personal situation. While it’s up to each person to take the steps towards their individual goals, there are courses that are so big, generalized, and the teacher is so removed from the audience that this is not really possible. 

    To be honest this was my biggest concern when signing up for Monique’s course – but within days this concern was completely alleviated. It was absolutely what I was not expecting, but hoped for -- an affordable course that gave me concrete ideas on how to proceed. 

    For anyone who is doubting this to be ‘yet another generalized business/coaching thing that will not work’ – don’t doubt. I can only recommend Monique. Thank you so much.”

    ~Alexandra Sternin
    “The 7 Day to Income Stability course was game-changing and revolutionized the way I think about my business. 

    I am taking the steps Monique Alvarez and Liz Caraballo taught us and have already started to see a difference. 

    Not only did I have the support of some amazing women who are going through a similar experience as me but I learned different ways to grow my business that had not even crossed my mind and how to communicate effectively. 

    Most importantly, I learned how to be a confident business woman and being fulfilled in my business. 

    I am anticipating even more success as we start to implement the 7 actions into our business.”

    ~Glory Ali
    “I just completed Monique’s Seven Days to Income Stability course. I recently opened a travel agency and was feeling a little lost in the area of marketing and networking. 

    Monique’s holistic approach helped me  really connect with what I wanted out of life. 

    It felt amazing to know that I was in charge of my life. 

    This course far exceeded my expectations and it was something I had never experienced anywhere else. 

    That is a huge statement considering I am a special education middle school teacher. 

    If you are considering taking Monique’s 7 Days to Income Stability course, don’t hesitate. 

    It is worth every cent and it will be time well spent.”

    ~Sherrie Noel
    “I have just completed Monique and Liz’s 7 Days to Income Stability and WOW, what a great offering! 

    I’ve taken good classes before and one of the differences here is that Monique and Liz really bring it all together. 

    While they can’t do the work for you, they can really help frame out what needs to be done with love and caring just seeping through their words. 

    Thanks Monique and Liz!”

    ~Lisa Curtis
    “When you work with Monique and Liz, you are gaining 2 unique business partners who will be on your side and who will do whatever they humanly can to help you succeed. 
    Monique will speak up for your dreams and hold you to a high standard and Liz is there to counterbalance that with her ability to humanize the business side of things, giving you useful insights into your spiritual/emotional side of yourself and whatever may be blocking you, in order to keep you moving forward.”

    ~Eve Taylor
    “This was a great starting point! From this course, I went on to do the Networking Intensive as well as Instant Authority with Monique. Monique has a refreshing view of business and she makes it easy to understand what needs to happen to start getting results. 

    I never get bored watching her videos and always take something valuable away from the content she shares. Thank you Monique for sharing your knowledge and making business so "doable". ”

    ~Kasia Gurgul
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    30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    If you are unhappy for absolutely ANY reason at all you will get a full refund within 24 hours...
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